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Voodoo Slide Company - Quality made Guitar Slides and Tone Bars.

About Us.... The Voodoo Slide Company is a family run business, founded to create the best possible guitar slides and tone bars for you the artist.

Choosing the right slide comes down to figuring out the sound, and feel which is right for you. Most slides commercially available can limit your ability to play. If a slide doesn't fit snuggly enough on your finger, this can have an impact on the way you use your slide, and the sound it can generate.


Please check out all the pages on this site to find your perfect slide, or get in touch so we can discuss your requirements.

Flared Glass Guitar Slide,Voodoo Slide Company.
Glass Guitar Slide, Voodoo Slide Company.
Coloured Guitar Slides, Voodoo Slide Company
Medicine Bottle Guitar Slide, Voodoo Slide Company

Sizing Information.

Slide Length - Length of the slide is important, some players like a shorter slide for single string or note work, whereas most will want a longer length slide to comfortably cover all the strings.

Anything over a 60-65mm length will cover most fretboards, so that's a nice reference point. How long is just down to personal tastes and how the slide feels.  

Guitar Slide Size. Voodoo Slide Company

The wall thickness of a light weight, thin walled slide will range between 2-3mm.

Light or Heavy walled guitar slides.Voodoo
Guitar slide. Size help.

The wall thickness of a heavy walled slide will range between 4-5mm.

The most accurate way to size your finger is to go to a local jeweller and get your ring size and the diameter.

Alternately, you can measure with paper and ruler.  To do this you’ll need a pencil, a strip of tape or paper and a ruler.  Snugly wrap the tape or paper around the largest knuckle on the subject finger.  With the pencil make a mark where the paper or tape overlaps.  Measure the length to get the circumference of your finger.  Use a online calculator or check out the chart below.

Sizing chart to help choos a guitar slide.

Any problems or questions, please get in touch.

Customer Feedback

Guitar slide feedback and reveiws
Voodoo Slide Company Guitar Slides Feedback.
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